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New Member Awards, Grants and Moves
Marta Ascherio Will start as an Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Sciences and Latin American and Latino Studies at Illinois State University in August.  

Popy Begum received the Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Victimology Section, Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Lindsay Bing received the Dissertation Grant, Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy

Vitor Dias Will be joining the Kellogg Institute for International Studies at the University of Notre Dame as a Visiting Fellow in the next academic year.

Mark Fathi Massoud 

Mark Fathi Massoud’s 2021 book, Shari’a, Inshallah: Finding God in Somali Legal Politics (Cambridge University Press) earned the Socio-Legal Studies Association’s 2022 Hart-SLSA Book Prize for best book in socio-legal studies.

Erin McAuliffe

ASA Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant for “Protection from What? Securing Legal Relief for Unaccompanied Minors.”

Poulami Roychowdhury

Poulami Roychowdhury’s 2021 book, Capable Women, Incapable States: Negotiating Violence and Rights in India (Oxford University Press) has won the following awards:  American Sociological Association, Human Rights Section, Gordon Hirabayashi Book Award 2022, Eastern Sociological Association, Mirra Komarovsky Distinguished Book Award 2022, American Sociological Association, Distinguished Scholarly Book Award, Honorable Mention 2022, Law and Society Association, Herbert Jacob Book Prize, Honorable Mention 2022

Poulami Roychowdhury’s 2021 article, “Incorporation: Governing Gendered Violence in a State of Disempowerment.” American Journal of Sociology, 124 (4): 852-888, has won the following awards: American Sociological Association, Political Sociology Section, Best Article Award 2022, American Sociological Association, Sociology of Law Section, Best Article Award 2022, American Sociological Association, Sociology of Human Rights Section, Best Article Award 2022, American Sociological Association, Crime Law and Deviance Section, James F. Short Jr. Distinguished Article Award, Honourable Mention 2022, American Sociological Association, Development Section, Best Faculty Article Award, Honourable Mention 2022, Society for the Study of Social Problems, Arlene Kaplan Daniels Paper Award, Honourable Mention 2022

Announcements from Our Members (July 2022)

New publications from Our Members (July 2022)

New Law in Action blog posts!

Check out the new posts on the Section’s Law in Action blog!  
How courts classify sexualities – Stefan Vogler
How objects guide discretion and counteract stereotypes – Robin Bartram
If you’d like to write a post that communicates your research to a broad audience (and that we’ll publicize via Twitter!), contact Publications and Communications Chair Ashley Rubin at

New Member Articles
Elizabeth A. Armstrong 

Kamaria B. Porter, Sandra R. Levitsky & Elizabeth A. Armstrong (2022) Gender Equity and Due Process in Campus Sexual Assault Adjudication Procedures, The Journal of Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/00221546.2022.2082784

Marta Ascherio

Ascherio, Marta. 2022. “Does Declining Immigration Detainers Increase Crime? Contrary Evidence from a County-Level Investigation in the United States.” Social Science Research. Volume 106. 10.1016/j

Miltonette Craig 

Craig, M., & Blount-Hill, K. (2022). Understanding Police Agencies’ Explanations for Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in Vehicle Stops. Crime & Delinquency

Craig, M. and Reid, J. (2022), Progressive or problematic? A comparative analysis of media depictions of demands to defund the police, Policing: An International Journal

Carter, T., & Craig, M. (2022). It Could Be Us: Black Faculty as “Threats” on the Path to Tenure. Race and Justice, 12(3), 569–587.

Reid, J., & Craig, M. (2021) Is it a rally or a riot? Racialized media framing of 2020 protests in the United States, Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice, 19:3-4, 291-310,

Vitor Dias

Delaroche, Martin, Vitor M. Dias, and Paulo Eduardo Massoca. “The intertemporal governance challenges of Brazil’s Amazon: managing soybean expansion, deforestation rates, and urban floods.” Sustainability Science (2022): 1-16.

Jennifer Earl 

Elliott, Thomas, Jennifer Earl, Thomas V. Maher, and Heidi Reynolds-Stenson. 2022. “Softer Policing or the Institutionalization of Protest? Decomposing Changes in Observed Protest Policing Over Time.” American Journal of Sociology 127(4): 1311–1365.

Jeremy Levine 

Levine, Jeremy R. and Kelly L. Russell. 2022. “Crime Pays the Victim: Criminal Fines, the State, and Victim Compensation Law, 1964-1984.” American Journal of Sociology 128(3)

Francesca Laguardia 

F. Laguardia “Pain that Only She Must Bear: On the  invisibility of women in judicial rhetoric on abortion, Journal of Law and the Biosciences.

New Member Books
Robin Bartram  

Bartram, Robin. 2022. Stacked Decks: Building Inspectors and the Reproduction of Urban Inequality. University of Chicago Press
Lynette J. Chua

Chua, Lynette. 2022.  The Politics of Rights & Southeast Asia (Cambridge University Press)

Daanika Gordon 

Gordon, Daanika. Policing the Racial Divide: Urban Growth Politics and the Remaking of Segregation. New York University Press

Lisa Hajjar

Hajjar, Lisa. The War in Court: Inside the Long Fight against Torture, University of California Press, 2022

New Grant!

Swethaa S. Ballakrishnen received a $511,230 National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to fund a project titled: “Diversity and Networking in Law School: Are Law Students from Diverse Backgrounds Disadvantaged?”

Announcements from Our Members (May 2022)

New publications from Our Members (May 2022)

New articles!

Över, Defne; Tuncer-Ebetürk, Irem. 2022. “Insult, Charisma, and Legitimacy: Turkey’s Transition to Personalist Rule” Social and Legal Studies.

Vogler, Stefan and Rocio Rosales. “Classification and Coercion: The Gendered Punishment of Transgender Women in Immigration Detention.” Social Problems.

Kim, Jaeeun. 2022. “Between Sacred Gift and Profane Exchange: Identity Craft and Relational Work in Asylum Claims-Making on Religious Grounds.” Theory and Society 51 (2): 303–33.

New articles!

Angeletti, Thomas, Benjamin Lemoine, 2021, eds., “The Laws of Finance”, special issue of the European Journal of Sociology, 62(1).

Angeletti, Thomas, Benjamin Lemoine, 2021, “The Laws of Finance: For a Sociology of Finance and Law Entanglement”, European Journal of Sociology, 62(1), 183-212.

Bustamante, Juan José. 2021. “The U.S. Mexican Immigrant Family in a Changing Society: A Critical Overview,” Folia Sociologica, 76:79-96.

Diossa-Jimenez, Leydy and Cecilia Menjivar. 2021. Devaluing Women’s Lives through Law: Familyism Ideologies in Abortion and Violence against Women Laws in El Salvador. Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society.

Kirkland, Anna, Shauhin Talesh and Angela Perone, “Health Insurance Rights and Access to Health Care for Trans People: The Social Construction of Medical Necessity,” Law and Society Review, Vol. 55, No. 4 (2021): 539-562.

Kirkland, Anna. “Dropdown Rights: Categorizing Transgender Discrimination in Healthcare Technologies,” Social Science and Medicine, Vol. 289 (2021). Online ahead of print:

Kirkland, Anna. “Civil Rights as Patient Experience: How Healthcare Organizations Handle Discrimination Complaints,” with Mikell Hyman, Law and Society Review, Vol. 55 No. 2 (2021): 273-295.

Scoville, Caleb. “Constructing Environmental Compliance: Law, Science, and Endangered Species Conservation in California’s Delta.” American Journal of Sociology 127.4: 1094-1150.

Shepherd, Hana, and Idit Fast. “Administering New Anti-Bullying Law: The Organizational Field and School Variation During Initial Implementation.” Law and Social Inquiry.

Shiff, Talia. “A Sociology of Discordance: Negotiating Schemas of Deservingness and Codified Law in US Asylum Status Determinations.” American Journal of Sociology 127, no. 2 (2021): 337-375.

Thai, Mai. 2022. “Policing and Symbolic Control: The Process of Valorization.” American Journal of Sociology 27(4): 1183-1220. doi:10.1086/718278

Watson, Patrick. 2022. Gestalt contexture and contested motives: Understanding video evidence in the murder trial of Officer Michael Slager. Theoretical Criminology

New Publications from Our Members (April 2022)

Announcements from Our Members (April 2022)

New Grants, Awards and Transitions!

Tiffany Joseph received a National Library of Medicine Grant for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health (G13).

Mark Fathi Massoud’s book, Shari’a, Inshallah: Finding God in Somali Legal Politics, was a finalist for the Association of American Publishers PROSE Award for best book in government & politics published in the previous year,

Jack Jin Gary Lee accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Sociology at the New School for Social Research (beginning Fall 2022).

Robert Werth accepted a position as Associate Professor of Teaching at the University of Southern California.


Elizabeth Hoffmann. Lactation at Work: Expressing Milk, Expressed Concern, and the Expressive Value of Law. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (2021)

Jane Lopez, Unauthorized Love: Mixed-Citizenship Couples Negotiating Intimacy, Immigration, and the State.  Stanford University Press (2021).

Ethan Michelson, Decoupling: Gender Injustice in China’s Divorce Courts.  Cambridge University Press (2022). 


Arredondo, Aaron and Juan Jose Bustamante.  2022.  “White Spaces in Brown(ing) Places: Toward the Spatialization of Critical Immigration Studies.”  Ethnic and Racial Studies.

Vitor Dias. 2021.  “Black Lawyers Matter: Enduring Racism in American Law Firms.”  University of Michigan Journal of Law Reform, Volume 55, Issue 1, pp. 99-137.  

Gil Rothschild Elyassi  “The Datafication of Law: How Technology Encodes Carceral Power and Affects Judicial Practice in the United States.”  Law & Social Inquiry 47(1).

Elizabeth Hoffmann.  2022.  “Moralizing the law: Lactating workers and the transformation of supervising managers.” Law & Society Review 56(1): 28–52.

Tiffany Joseph and Tanya Golash-Boza. 2021.  “Double Consciousness in the 21st Century: Du Boisian Theory and the Problem of Racialized Legal Status.”  Social Sciences.

Jaeeun Kim. 2022. “Between Sacred Gift and Profane Exchange: Identity Craft and Relational Work in Asylum Claims-Making on Religious Grounds.” Theory and Society.

Robert Stewart, Brianna Watters,  Veronica Horowitz, Ryan P. Larson, Brian Sargent, Christopher Uggen. 2022.  “Native Americans and Monetary Sanctions.”  Russell Sage Foundation Journal of the Social Sciences.

Kathryne Young & J. Pearlman. (2021). “Racial Disparities in Lifer Parole Outcomes: The Hidden Role of Professional Evaluations.” Law & Social Inquiry, 1-38

New Publications from Our Members (March 2022)

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